How to Keep Your Pets Cool During the Summer

Florida is a place many flock to in the summer (and all year round). With the miles of beautiful beaches, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to choose from, and the warm climate, Florida is a great place to spend some time.

That being said, Florida can get its fair share of heat waves and humidity that, when added together, can make Florida an uncomfortable place on some summer days.

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During the hot summer months, you're not the only one to suffer from the heat; your pets can suffer as well. Below, we'll offer up tips on how to keep your pets cool during the summer. Call our Punta Gorda HVAC company today!


Have Plenty of Water Available

It's important for your dog and cat to always have access to fresh drinking water in order to stay hydrated, especially in the hot summer months. By drinking cold water, this will help your pet to cool down and avoid heat stroke. One trick is to add ice to your pet's bowl to make the water even colder (and it's fun to watch them bob for it!). If you go on an outing with your dog for the day, make sure you bring a water bowl and water for your pet to drink from.

Avoid the Heat of the Day

Boyd Brothers recommends that you avoid the heat of the day, both for yourself and your pet. When temperatures rise above 80 degrees, your pet can develop heat stroke a lot easier than when the temperature is cooler. We recommend you walk your dog in the early morning or late evening hours in order to avoid the hot sun. Pets with white ears can become sunburnt and short-nosed pets, such as boxers and pugs, may have more trouble breathing and panting. Also, be wary of hot asphalt in the hot summer months. Your dog's paws can quickly become burnt from walking on it, even if it's just mildly warm.

Stay in the Shade

While Boyd Brothers recommends that you bring your pet indoors during the hot summer months, if your pet is outdoors, ensure they have plenty of shade to lie in. You can use a tarp, a sun shade, or a patio umbrella if your home lacks good shade trees. However, beware of dog houses that only capture heat and oftentimes make it worse.

Invest in a Kiddie Pool

Having a place for your pet to cool off when the dog days of summer hit. Many people invest in kiddie pools for their dogs to take a dip in. Other dogs love to frolic in the sprinklers or get hosed down by the garden hose. If you have a water dog and a pond nearby, play fetch with a stick and throw it in the water. Water is one of the quickest ways — and not to mention, fun ways — to cool your pet down.

Keep Your Home Cool

When the sun is high in the sky in the middle of summer in Punta Gorda, the best place for your pet is your air conditioned home. They can stay cool, be comfortable, and be safe inside your home instead of outside exposed to the heat. Even when you leave your house, you'll want to keep it cool inside for your pets. Be especially wary of your cat since it's difficult to tell when they are hot since they don't pant like dogs.

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