UV light has been used in numerous applications for many years. But more recently, UV light is being implemented in a slightly different way — HVAC. UV light for HVAC has seen a huge spike in this last year or so, and chances are you can guess why. Hint: It starts with COVID and ends in 19. In today’s blog at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda, we discuss UV light for HVAC. Specifically, you’ll learn about how it can help, what UV light is, and more. Keep reading to learn all about UV light for HVAC and contact our Punta Gorda HVAC company to get started with implementing your UV light protection today.


COVID-19 has had a profound impact on life as we know it and it seems that it will continue to do so for some time. However, there are ways to fight against the spread of COVID-19. While we all know to do our part by washing our hands, keeping six feet apart from everyone else, and wearing PPE, there are other ways that you can protect you and your home. In today’s blog at Boyd Brothers Service in Punta Gorda, we talk about what we’re doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and how we can help you protect your home. Keep reading to learn more or feel free to contact us today.


As a homeowner, whether you are a new homeowner or a veteran, you may have found yourself wondering, “what temperature should I set my thermostat?” You want to stay comfortable in the summer and cozy in the winter, but you also don’t want to break the bank with utility bills. Not to mention the impact that running your HVAC system around the clock can have on the environment! In today’s blog at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda, we talk a little bit about the recommended temperature settings for your HVAC system in the summer, in the winter, and when you are out of the home for extended periods. Keep reading to learn more and remember, if you ever need air conditioning repair or maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime.


In today’s society, it can sometimes feel like there is so much to do with so little time to do it. Between working full time, taking care of kids and pets, preparing meals, and everything else you have to do on a daily basis, HVAC and air conditioner maintenance may not be a very high priority for you — and we get that. But, it is very important that you find the time or recruit the help of your local HVAC services to have air conditioner maintenance done sooner rather than later. In today’s blog at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda, we talk about a few benefits and reasons why it’s important to keep up with regular AC maintenance.

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One of the major services that HVAC repair companies provide that people rarely think about until they need it is ductwork services. Most of the time, people are too busy worrying about their AC unit, furnaces, or other major HVAC systems, but ductwork services should definitely not be overlooked. Faulty ductwork can cause unnecessary strain on your HVAC system and make it so that your home takes much longer to cool down or heat up. In today’s blog here at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda, we are going to go over five common signs that you are in need of ductwork.

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If you live in Punta Gorda, you know how hot it can get — especially in the summertime. One thing that you want to do is make sure that you have a good air conditioning system to help you keep cool. Below are three of the top systems that you can use in Punta Gorda to stay cool when the temperatures rise.

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Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioner

This air conditioner’s a top performer and the one with the most technologically advanced AC units money can buy. It has a SEER rating of 21, and it’s great at removing humidity from your home due to its two-stage scroll compressor. This means that the cooling cycles are longer and that the temperature is more consistent throughout the house. It controls air quality, ventilation, temperature, fan speed, and humidity.

Franklin 20 SEER AVXC20

Here at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda, this is our top-recommended AC unit. We love it here...