Leaky ductwork can increase your home’s heating and/or air conditioning costs between 10–30%. Your furnace or air conditioner will perform better and last longer with proper ductwork and vent piping care. The condition of your ductwork system contributes to your energy costs, personal health, and comfort levels.

Repair, Installation, and Maintenance of Air Ducts

If your ducts lose even 20% of their airflow, efficiency is decreased by half. Inefficient ductwork reduces heating and AC system efficiency due to the system working harder by running longer and more often.

Additionally, fresh air intakes create healthier indoor air and ductwork separations and small cracks leak heat and allow moisture to corrode ducts.

HVAC Ductwork Inspections

Repair or replace damaged HVAC ductwork to improve performance, save on energy costs, and make your Florida home healthier.

At Boyd Brothers Services, we can provide you with ductwork services like:

  • Thorough duct inspection
  • Additional duct runs for home remodeling or to fix problem areas
  • Weatherproofing of leaky ductwork
  • Repair, replacement, and installation
  • Optimum HVAC Efficiency

At Boyd Brothers Services, we sell a range of AC systems that are designed for maximum efficiency. You’ll enjoy the best cooling performance on the market and spend less on your utility bills when you choose an energy-efficient company like Boyd Brothers Services.

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