5 Florida Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

If you live in Florida, you know how hot it can get during the year. But there are things that you can do to help it run better. These are five AC maintenance tips that you can use to help your air conditioning to run well during the heat.

1. Replace Your AC Filters

Change your AC filters once each month. You want to do this so that your AC is able to work properly. The air filter will prevent the outside dirt and dust to get inside your expensive equipment. That is why keeping your filter clean is very important. Now when you’re regularly using the air conditioner, the debris will gather on your filter, blocking it. Therefore, because your filter is not clean, the pump of your AC will find it hard to spread the air through your house.

2. Clean the Shrubs or Grass From Your Condenser

Your condenser is your AC’s main part, and you want to be sure that nothing is harming the condenser’s efficiency. Broken leaves, grass and shrubs can get into the unit and damage it. So make sure that you are clearing out the debris. This will make your unit run a lot more efficiently.

3. Check Your Ducts

As time goes by, allergens and dust are going to gather in your ductwork. Which dirties your ductwork and causes it to need cleaning. If your ductwork is not cleaned, it will pollute your home’s air and also increase your electricity bills.

4. Cover the Windows

Covering your windows and keeping the shades pulled down will help keep the air conditioning bills down. The cooler your home is the less often your air conditioning is going to run.

5. Have It Inspected Yearly

There are things that you can do on your own, but it’s a good idea to have a professional inspection done once a year to catching things that you may not know about. They will give you suggestions and let you know about the things that can help you with saving money.

Summertime is the worst time for your air conditioning. So you want to get ready for bearing the heat by maintaining your AC regularly. It’s also a good idea to think about how long you’ve had your AC. If it’s more than 15 years, it might be a good idea to look for a new one. They will help you with saving money and being more energy efficient.

Air Conditioning Professionals

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