Our Top HVAC Brands

At Boyd Brothers Services, we have been providing Punta Gorda and the surrounding areas with high-quality HVAC services for many years. Over the years, we have worked with countless people, seen practically every HVAC issue under the sun, and worked with every major brand sold in the United States. During our experience with air conditioning repair and other major HVAC services, there are some manufacturers that we would recommend over others due to quality, warranties, performance, and other factors. In today’s blog at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda, we talk a little bit about our preferred brands and manufacturers so you can get an idea about which ones are going to be the right fit for you.

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The second HVAC brand that our team at Boyd Brothers Services highly recommends is Lennox. Lennox manufacturer quality AC units and air handler products of the utmost quality. Their product line is expansive, so it’s easy to find the right product no matter what your HVAC needs or budget. Lennox AC units are known for offering precise temperature control in your home, nearly silent operating performance, and impressive energy efficiency. Their multi-stage units offer smart performance that operates in different stages depending on the cooling and dehumidifying needs of your home. Many Lennox units come with a 10-year limited warranty and some even include additional coverage of compressors and other components.

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Maytag offers a variety of quality products that our HVAC team has stood behind for many years. More specifically, our team has extensive experience working with and installing Maytag AC units, Maytag air handlers, and Maytag packaged AC units. Their AC units, in particular, provide exceptionally quiet performance — as quiet as 57 decibels during operation. Not to mention their products are all manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. Many of our customers choose Maytag due to the fact that their AC units undergo 144 quality checks before they are able to be shipped out. Maytag is so confident in their build quality that they offer 12-year all-parts warranties on almost every HVAC product of theirs that we carry at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda. If you are looking for a well-made, long-lasting AC unit that should rarely if ever need air conditioning repair, Maytag is an excellent option.

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There are only a few Ecoer products that we carry, but each one offers exceptional performance and value. In our opinion, Ecoer products are some of the best you’ll find in the industry. We’ve been providing air conditioning repair and other HVAC services for a while, and we rarely encounter issues with Ecoer products. The three Ecoer products that we offer at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda are the ESI Series Heat Pump, G Series Air Handler, and the E Series Air Handler. The heat pump, in particular, provides people with 20 SEER heating and cooling performance, more than 30 variable stages, extremely quiet operation, and more. All three products offer a 10-year limited warranty and both air handlers pack features like 24-7 monitoring protection and precise heating and cooling abilities.

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Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda

We hope today’s blog has helped update you on a few of the brands that our HVAC service believes stands above the rest. If you are looking for a quality AC unit that won’t need air conditioning repair all the time, a high-performing air handler, a compact packaged AC unit, or an energy-efficient heat pump, we have the HVAC products you need. Keep your home comfortable all year long regardless of what the weather outside is doing. Reach out to our team at Boyd Brothers Services in Punta Gorda today and receive quality home comfort with some of the leading brand names in the HVAC industry.