Common AC Problems and How to Solve Them: Insights from Boyd Brothers HVAC

It can sometimes be obvious, due to certain signs, when your air conditioning needs inspection. However, not all issues need professional attention from Boyd Brother HVAC Services. There are steps and preventative measures that you as the owner can take to ensure your AC unit is running strong and effectively.

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Dirty Filters

Clogged or Dirty Filters

A common problem is reduced airflow due to clogged or dirty air filters. This can cause your system to have less efficiency and work harder. We recommend checking and replacing your filters every one to three months, depending on usage. Replacing your air filter helps your system run more smoothly and improves your air quality

Outside Unit

Outdoor Units

Your outdoor units are subject to weather elements such as dirt, debris, and vegetation. To ensure proper airflow, it is important to regularly check, inspect, and clean the area around your units to encourage proper airflow. This includes trimming any overgrowth of plants and/or shrubs.



Sometimes it is required to schedule a professional HVAC tune-up and not all issues can be solved by homeowners. Our experienced team of technicians can properly inspect your system, clean, check for wear and tear, and identify any issues that could arise in the future.


Check Ductworks and Potential Leaks

Air leaks in your ductwork can lead to energy waste and uneven distribution of heating and cooling within your home. It is recommended that you check your ducts for any leaks. If a leak is present, seal either with duct tape or mastic sealant. Also, consider having a professional cleaning and inspection to address any other hidden issues.

Some measures can be taken monthly to protect and maintain your AC unit’s performance. We understand that life can get in the way and you may not always have the time to worry about HVAC maintenance. You can reach out to Boyd Brother’s Services in Punta Gorda to learn more about your HVAC maintenance and AC units.

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