How Boyd Brothers Services is Helping Stop the COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on life as we know it and it seems that it will continue to do so for some time. However, there are ways to fight against the spread of COVID-19. While we all know to do our part by washing our hands, keeping six feet apart from everyone else, and wearing PPE, there are other ways that you can protect you and your home. In today’s blog at Boyd Brothers Service in Punta Gorda, we talk about what we’re doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and how we can help you protect your home. Keep reading to learn more or feel free to contact us today.

How We Can Help Protect Your Home

At Boyd Brothers Service in Punta Gorda, our HVAC team is closely following all guidelines and recommendations put forth by the CDC and the state of Florida. The safety of our customers and our employees is our number one priority and is not something that we take lightly. You can count on us to continue providing you and the rest of the community with the quality HVAC, building automation, and UV home protections in a safe and responsible manner. If you have any questions regarding our procedures surrounding COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

That being said, perhaps the best way we can help to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect your family is by harnessing the power of Ultraviolet or UV light. UV light is a tried and true way to kill a wide variety of viruses, not just the CoronaVirus. Because of this, more and more users are choosing to utilize the power of UV. At Boyd Brothers Service in Punta Gorda, our professional HVAC team has tools at our disposal to install whole-home virus protection measures using UV light. View our product specials to see special pricing on UV light HVAC products and contact us today to schedule your whole-home protection installation.

How Does Harnessing the Power of UV Work?

UV light is a form of light that is invisible to the human eye. But just because we can’t see the light itself doesn’t mean that you can’t see very real results. UV light has a unique wavelength that is about 200 to 280 nanometers. In essence, this form of light is completely harmless to humans but has been shown to be effective at killing flu viruses. That’s why you’ll often see UV being used in germ-sensitive public places like airports, hospitals, and schools.

Granted the COVID-19 CoronaVirus is not the same as the flu virus, they are similar enough to where UV light can be very helpful when used in certain conditions such as protecting your home from airborne virus particles and viruses that live on surfaces. Learn more about how UV light can help to combat COVID-19 here.

Call Boyd Brothers Service in Punta Gorda to Protect Your Home

At Boyd Brothers Service in Punta Gorda, we want to do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect our community in any way we can. That’s why we offer UV light solutions as part of our HVAC services. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your whole-home UV light installation.