Understanding Your HVAC System’s Warranty and Service Plan

Are you aware of the warranty and service plan for your HVAC system? Many homeowners and businesses in Punta Gorda, FL, overlook the importance of understanding these vital aspects of their HVAC services. Fortunately, Boyd Brothers Services can explain what you need to know. Read on, then contact us to discover our HVAC warranty and service options.


HVAC Services: What's Covered?

When you purchase a new HVAC system, it comes with a warranty that covers specific components and services. It’s crucial to understand what exactly is covered. Typically, coverage includes parts and labor costs for a certain period. A clear understanding of your warranty will help you make informed decisions about your system's maintenance and repairs.


HVAC Replacement: Warranty Implications

If you’re considering an HVAC replacement, understanding your warranty's implications is essential. Installing a new system without consulting the manufacturer or provider could void your warranty. It's wise to consult with our team before making any major system changes. We can guide you through the process, ensuring your warranty remains intact.


HVAC Maintenance: Maximizing Your Warranty

Regular HVAC maintenance is not only critical for extending the lifespan of your system but also for maximizing your warranty coverage. Most warranties require routine maintenance to remain valid. By scheduling regular maintenance visits with Boyd Brothers Services, you ensure your system is serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations while reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.


Service Plans: Added Protection and Peace of Mind

While warranties provide coverage for a specific period, service plans offer extended protection and peace of mind beyond the warranty. These plans can cover routine maintenance tasks and offer discounts on repairs and replacements, providing comprehensive coverage year-round. Invest in a service plan to maintain your HVAC system and optimize its performance.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your HVAC warranty or service plan, contact Boyd Brothers Services today. We’re here to help ensure you make the most of your investment!

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