Air Oasis Nano –

If you’re in the market for a central air purifier for your home or office, the nano Induct™ is the perfect choice. Using Air Oasis’ AHPCO® ionization technology, this filterless HVAC air purifier effectively destroys pollutants such as mold, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs. Hidden from sight, your nano Induct™ will produce results immediately. After two years, you’ll need a new AHPCO® cell which can be replaced easily.

BLU QR® UV Stick Light –

The patented BLU QR® economically provides UV light disinfection and protection to the AC coil surfaces from bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew growth and odor. This results in a cleaner and more efficient energy-saving system.

The 24 VAC ballast is designed to be mounted either in the air handler control panel itself or external to the HVAC air handler unit. The BLU QR® UV treatment system utilizes a standard germicidal wavelength lamp for safe dependable disinfection and protection of AC Coil surfaces from bacteria, viruses, mold growth and foul odors, resulting in a cleaner, more energy efficient system.

UV Light is an Effective Tool to Stop The Spread of Viruses

The world is currently facing a probable epidemic related to the coronavirus. According to the CDC, coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads just as other viruses do from person-to-person, mostly through respiratory droplets that occur when and infected individual sneezes or coughs.

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